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Behind The Design: Meet the family behind The Avantgarde Eco-Couture kidswear.

March 22, 2016

Behind The Design: Meet the family behind The Avantgarde Eco-Couture kidswear.

High quality baby and kids wear with avantgarde design and best natural materials made with love and passion, manufactured with great respect for the people and the environment.

Rocket Shop interviewed Veit Kohlhoff, the CEO of Marcarons, Germany. talk about the art of making kids fashion and famliy life.

With the true wish to create wonderful organic fabrics and to work with real, small family production partners who are passionate for their work, Macarons was born. Today, Macarons is known as a sustainable luxury baby and kids wear label with great design proudly made in Germany.

"The core values of Macarons children’s wear are pure, natural and fair trade luxurious materials in combination with a unique design that embraces traditional workmanship and modern sophistication."

There is still some amazing craftsmen talent in the textile manufacturing industry in South Germany - you just have to find it and do a lot of research. It is all worth it. You see the difference in the final product. And we know 100% of what is in our clothes. For us this is future viability. We individually develop and produce each garment, from fiber to finished piece, exclusively in Germany."

"Our intelligent textile, IQ-Fabric, which we have developed ourselves, is made from organic merino wool and organic cotton. It is incredibly soft and suitable for everyday use."

"Family is the most exciting project in life! Love is what holds it all together. Don’t separate the kids from your life!"

"We try to take them to work and show them what you are passionate about! Be a team in your family - help each other - join forces with family and friends. Make a plan for the week! Make compromises."

"We want to live in a way that the children can learn from us. We integrate them in our life and show them what we like and what is important to us. This can be anything from selecting food, cooking, growing vegetables in our garden, good business ethics, being confident and strong, traveling to different countries, growing up with two languages from early age, learning about different cultures and ways of living."

"Since very little we have always integrated our children in family meals and have cooked everything fresh for them. They have never had a baby dish from the supermarket. We have made great experiences with finger food from an early age."

"We are organic food lovers and buy twice a week everything fresh from the local farmers market. We love all dishes with lots of fresh vegetables and fresh herbs. Our cooking style is influenced from the italian home cuisine and also french home cuisine. We also eat a lot of different salads as starter. The kids are very open to all different kinds of foods and are very easy - it’s fantastic! When we go out to eat, we love Japanese home kitchen food."

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